I simply can’t help myself.  I am constantly tearing pictures of white baths out of magazines. What I love the most about these white baths is that they are susceptible to changes of light and shade because white is actually tinged with other colors. Additionally, as I have said before, white is a powerful color. It reflects light and transforms all the colors around it. It is a real color that projects an image of a crisp, clean and airy interior. It is timeless and always in style.

This particular bath, similar to others I have published, has two pieces of sculpture that add drama to the space.  The tub with its generous curves and grand scale and the smaller bench, a simple U shape. The light pours in the unclad windows and hidden in the photo is a shelf behind the tub for the display of decorative objects. The crisp white tile in a 3 x 6 grid adds some needed texture as do the baskets.

All in all, a a relaxing and edited space.


This photo was featured in the March/April 2012 issue of athome magazine.

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