On a beautiful Spring day Robert and I decided we needed an antique fix.  So we grabbed Lulu, hopped in the car and drove north on the picturesque Taconic Parkway to Hudson, NY.  The town itself flourished in its early years (1760-1810) as a seaport and later, with the coming of the railroad,  it began life anew with tanneries, breweries and foundries.  It’s in a remarkable state of historic preservation, especially in the Greek Revival and Victorian style, made even better in the past 10 years by the influx of nearly 100 antiques dealers and the restoration of the remarkable store facades and historic houses.

Hudson has an active Preservation Commission that ensures its “historic sense of place” is retained and the historic richness of architectural styles is preserved.

Personally, I’m attracted to the shopping where there is an endless sense of possibility that makes me drive the hour and a half.  What will be on the next shelf or hanging on the wall, what is hidden behind or in some really ugly large piece of brown furniture peaks my curiosity.

We had so much fun poking in and out of our favorite shops and discovering treasures large and small.  At Mark McDonald (330@markmcdonald.com) we found a really unusual Crane sink on metal legs with an integrated towel bar.  It was designed by Henry Dreyfuss, a pioneer industrial designer (d.1972).  It has an integrally molded spout and “dial-ease” handles.  Mark’s was in the unusual color of “suntan”.  This is a most unusual find; not exactly my style or color, but a great piece of American design history to uncover.  We also found 2 beautiful Gropius door handles.

I also found several great “smalls”.  The two metal Scandinavian pieces  at Skalar (sklarhudson@aol.com) were buried in a case.  This shop has many interesting mid-century ceramic bowls and vases and a few well chosen pieces of furniture.  I loved the originality of the candy dish with its lightening bolt handle while the teapot teeters on its side and looks very decorative.  The desk light has great form and I love the colors.

I always stroll into Vince Mulford’s shop where there are usually 6 -10 outstanding objects in a large pared down space.  There was a very handsome kayak and some unique garden furniture in the window.  He has a great eye and the shop is not to be missed.

New traditional objects are at Rural Residence.  You can find anything from small rugs to reproduction mocha mugs, and a nice assortment of books to lovely stationary.

If you are looking for a day trip outside of Manhattan, I suggest you head to Hudson for inspiration.  And, be sure to have lunch at LeGamin.   It’s very French and the people watching is tres magnifique!

Images of Chris Lehrecke’s shop courtesy of Remodelista.

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