The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show is one of the design world’s premier events in October. The venue is spectacular: The Fort Mason Center is located right on San Francisco Bay, so not only are there beautiful things to see inside but the view outside is breathtaking as well. Highly sophisticated dealers participate, and many save their most unique and highy prized objects just for this show. The visual display is dazzling from the moment you walk in the door.

Personally, I am always attracted to the great garden ornaments from early 20th century buildings, jewelry (even though much of it is too formal for my casual lifestyle), rugs, and amazing mid-century Swedish pottery. For those thinking bigger picture, there is also a selection of very formal French antique furniture, gorgeous chandeliers and great pictures.

In addition to the wonderful show, the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art’s Northern California Chapter sponsors a lunch for the afternoon speaker or panel. This year the honor went to the great architecture firm Ike Kligerman Barkley of New York and San Francisco. This was an especially timely treat for participants, as the firm’s new book, The New Shingled House, has just been published by Rizzoli. In it they share some of their most compelling projects, from large family compounds to gracious beach houses.

Click through the pictures of some of my favorite objects from the show. While there were many significant pieces of furniture, I’m sharing some of the remarkable smaller items for purchase — after all, beauty is in the details.

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