LIVING WELL is the story we tell in our newly launched Kitchen & Bar brochure. While we are well known for our commitment to the bath, we also have a robust assortment of fittings, sinks, surfaces and furnishings for the kitchen.

Whether Waterworks is in the bath, the most private space in the house, or the kitchen, a shared space, we possess a distinctive perspective on the places where we spend our personal time; family kitchens, bars, laundry rooms, potting sheds and garden rooms. No matter where you find Waterworks product, it is distinguished by the use of genuine materials, from brass poured in artisanal factories to handpicked long staple Egyptian cotton.

Waterworks kitchen products offer countless opportunities for customization. Customizable options range from the design of a stainless kitchen sink to the handles and finish on the kitchen faucet. Whether one takes advantage of these custom options or not, Waterworks products show that we love to layer and mix materials, textures and finishes. The exercise of layering with clarity and style elevates a space and creates a personal look that is richly integrated in any setting.

Whether the setting is classic, modern urban or rustic, the floor in your home welcomes everyone who steps inside. Our surfaces choices offer elegant creative possibilities from handmade, individually pressed concrete tiles to honed or polished stone. All of materials are durable, versatile and timeless. The wall surfaces offer opportunities for striking visual texture and depth. Personal statements about color preferences and materials, architectural elements and grid variations influence the experience of the place.

In the kitchen or the bath, our products are authentic, timeless and refined. Our design foundation is an ideal born of perfect proportion, balance and scale that is sensually and visually pleasing. We favor classical forms and clean lines and the essential grace that comes from our commitment to design integrity.

You may request the Kitchen & Bar brochure in our stores or by calling (800) 899-6757.



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