I was inspired to start a series on bath accessories after visiting an apartment that Thomas O’Brien designed. He is a master at re-purposing objects, and the apartment had many beautiful things that might have been found in a library — great shagreen boxes, framed family pictures, and silver or ceramic cups. Much to my delight, O’Brien placed some of these items in the bath. Boxes hid cotton balls and Q-tips, cups held toothbrushes, and other containers intended for delicate flower arrangements and ice were used for trash.

It is often hard to find just the right tray, container, clock, or waste bucket. Department stores, gift shops, online retailers and Waterworks all have some very good pieces, but the answer for really unique items is often found in some of my favorite multi-dealer vintage shops. I decided it would be fun to put on my scouting hat and see if I could make suggestions for personalizing the bath by taking an object clearly meant for one purpose and turning it into something else.

A good example: One year Waterworks had some very nice small, round clear glass-footed bowls to hold guest soap.  I bought a dozen and now use them for ice cream and berries when I entertain. There are so many examples of this — I invite you to challenge yourself as to how you can repurpose beautiful finds in unexpected ways.

I will be in Italy next week at Cersaie, the large ceramics fair in Bologna.  Look for my Instagrams from the show.

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