I believe I have a Nancy Drew spirit. I always think the next clue is just around the corner. So last weekend I decided to search for some great bath accessories in the usual places, where the results are often hit or miss. While I did not make any purchases, there were a number of charming items that would enrich any space.

I love glass containers. They are great for corralling many of the necessities of daily life and keeping the bath neat. I especially loved the collection of containers with their colorful labels and red tops. On a knee wall or a shelf they would add just the splash of color to the bath. They could also add a personal traditional style, especially to an all white bath.

Mirrors are always a great decorative item. I found many different kinds from classic round, shouldered shapes to funky leather framed harnesses and lovely carved ovals. They were in many finishes from lemon silver to gold leaf. I always like bold shapes, but I believe that having the right scale is an important design concept. Most people think that decorative mirrors are just for powder baths, but I think they look great anywhere. Part of making a decorative mirror work is making certain that you have appropriate storage in the bath and sconces to frame the mirror.

Beautiful ceramics were everywhere. White English ceramics do wonders for a bath, especially if they have good scale and are filled with sponges, soaps, or a colorful element of your choice. There were many large containers that were purely decorative, and then I spotted a “spittoon” that would make a good wastebasket. It is important to think about function as well as decoration when selecting accessories. Smaller ceramics work well for soap dishes and containers for jewelry. Anything that will keep the room looking stylish and be practical is worth the price.

I love silver in the bath even though it requires occasional maintenance. It is really fun to take a large scale piece that is intended for the dining room and transition it to the bath as a container for beautiful large sponges, an assortment of soaps or even an orchid. I have some small silver bowls, engraved with anonymous initials, that I use for soap in the powder room. I also love vintage silver travel clocks. This is a practical solution for timekeeping in the morning and they are great to look at as well.

I did not find any really modern accessories, although I looked for them. I love the Scandinavian ceramics from the 30’s and 40’s with their incredible glazes; I have, on occasion, found some good-looking Chase silver plates that were made near here in Waterbury, CT.

I will keep looking around and let you know when something great catches my eye!


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