Here is a bold but true statement: Hardware can completely change the look of a room. Whether brass, nickel, architectural bronze, textured, knurled, large or small, round or square, organic, modern or traditional, hardware attracts the eye and allows for an immediate impression of the statement your design makes.

The list of adjectives goes on, from bright and shiny to matte and muted. It is easy to see from this litany of words that a single piece of hardware can totally transform a cabinet door, chest of drawers, closet or even an entire room.

There are many ubiquitous styles such as plain pulls and simple round knobs, but to make an impact I recommend that you take bold steps with your choice of hardware. Think outside of the box. There is leather, wood, horn, metal and of course hammered bronze, each with its own statement. Every decision should reflect your own style and taste, without limitations.

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