I am so excited to introduce you to Tim Campbell, LA designer and friend. I think you will enjoy his post.
Bathrooms are the most intimate and sacred spaces I can design for a client. The ritual of bathing is as culturally significant as some of our religious practices. From a personal perspective, bathrooms are our first foray into the world after a night of sleep. In that regard, a beautiful bath serves a functional purpose as the experience can set the tone for the day to follow.

My intent in designing a client’s bathroom is to silently convey beauty, order and serenity. Of course, function is primary in a bathroom. But for me, it’s the silent beauty and the details that we don’t consciously notice. I love to think of bathrooms as a jewelry box, where every object is considered and accommodated. In a small space, every object has meaning and being mindful of where things are placed can mean the difference between a peaceful start to the day or one fraught with frustration.

I still love mainly white bathrooms above all others. There is nothing more beautiful than a simple carved Thassos marble tile chair rail capping a wainscot of subway tile or a 1940s-style shower door frame in polished nickel with a tile trim casing. Often I create custom mosaic “rugs” for the floor of small bathrooms using pale greens, lavenders and pink tiles and set them in border of Thassos marble. Good quality fittings are equally important: How a lavatory set feels when we turn on the water, the weight of the hand shower in our hands, the consistency of temperature in a well-built thermostatic valve. These aspects can quietly affirm my client’s place in the world with a quiescent message of self-worth.

When it’s appropriate to add color to the bath, I love colors that are evocative of nature to soothe the senses. Pale blue is my current color of choice because it’s reminiscent of a summer sky. Recently, I commissioned Waterworks to create custom rose quartz lavatory sets for a client. The pale pink of the rose quartz handles resemble jewels when set against the polished nickel faucet and Thassos marble counters.

In my practice, I utilize space to curate an experience of beauty and peace, which is paramount to my clients. Few rooms offer the same challenges and opportunities as the modern bath, and no room is more important as a starting place for conveying this intent.

Tim Campbell

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  • mary   /   April 20, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    what grey is used with the white subway tile?

  • janna   /   June 20, 2013 at 6:49 am

    hi there,
    i am searching for a bathroom vanity for my daughter and i love the one shown here. would you be kind enough to share the resource?
    many, many, MANY thanks!

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