I think we are all restaurant critics at heart.  Food is not the only factor in whether we return to dine again. The overall dining experience, including design, comfort, ambience and quality of the service, is part of the consideration.  As a tile aficionado, I have recently had my eye on restaurants with tiled interiors. I love a space where ceramic tile clearly adds to the overall texture of the environment. (Of course, the grid and grout add graphic and artistic elements as well.) In this post, I will share visuals of restaurants where tile has been used expressively to great effect.

Very often glossy material is used so the room has a luster that reflects light and draws the eye in. Glazed tile–from white and dark green to black and navy blue (my favorite)–can transform a space with a sense of movement. While we love white tile, a restaurant is a great place to use color. I surprised myself by loving a restaurant in Montreal with bright green beveled tile. Dark wood tables and chairs were the perfect counterpoints to the wall tile. It was sophisticated, warm and memorable.

Words and phrases like fluid, clean lines, utilitarian, organic, hygienic and ornamentation without decoration easily apply to restaurants where tile is used appropriately in the design. Fabulous vintage Parisian bistros, New York French restaurants like Balthazar and Cherche Midi, or a diner in Montclair, NJ, use white tile from the 30s–installed with tight grout joints and technical pieces to go around corners–to create charming retro spaces. Their friendly, informal and noisy (not so good) environments transport us to another time where the words “hip” and “cool” were not relevant.

Please send photos of your favorite tiled restaurant.

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