Occasionally, a bath is published that really captures the essence of the designer’s personal style and taste. The one pictured in this post has been created by Thomas O’Brien, a longtime collaborator of Waterworks, and his husband  Dan Fink of Dan Fink Studio. I love this space as a complete bath experience; it is a thorough expression of the designers’ personal style and taste; it is warm, comfortable, formal in an informal way and completely charming.

The scale of the tub is perfect for the height of the ceilings and is in great relationship to the size of the window. Active marble slabs, cut in an unusual dimension, clad the walls and the simple reveal of the slabs around the window is an elegant architectural gesture.

Texture in the form of a small hexagonal tile, a Thomas favorite, clads the floor wall to wall. The simplicity of this application is aligned with the decoration of the room, a restrained but warm environment. Appropriately scaled lights, a large painting over the fireplace, furniture used sparingly with bold forms and a remarkable sense of well-being and completeness define this wonderful space.

Aero Studio

Thomas O’Brien

200 Lexington Avenue

New York, New York

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