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We were thrilled to be invited to create a pop-up shop at the eponymous New Preston shop, Privet Lives. A mere, but charming, 250 sf, Privet owner Suzanne Cassano invites brands she loves to create a two monthlong shop for visitors to the village.  We are in the good company of Norma Kamali, Alicia Adams, Stubbs and Wootton amongst many others who have been presented there.

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I love to start the New Year with a purge of closets, medicine cabinets, and when I have the energy, accumulated stuff from my cellar. So far, I’ve done the closet and there is a nice pile of clothing for Dress for Success, one of my favorite charities.

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Cozy, personal and always useful, new towels are a somewhat unexpected but always welcome holiday gift. I am a big fan of white towels, preferably moderately thick. The downside: After countless trips to the washing machine they tend to look a bit dingy. While they’re still usable, it often leaves me longing for a new set or two.

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