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The word “backsplash” has become synonymous with renovating, remodeling or creating a new kitchen.  It is part of the essential elements of the design. In fact, it can become the defining moment for the ubiquitous white kitchen. However, I have been thinking that tiling the backsplash is not enough in a space that should be easily maintained with a quick wash down. The solution is to tile the entire kitchen.

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I recently went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to revisit the Islamic Wing now called Art of the Arab Lands. I am always inspired by color, texture and pattern and what better place to find it than in the magnificent woven textiles, painted pottery, wood carvings and hammered metal from the various Islamic dynasties and empires. The collections range in chronology from the 7th century Damascus and Baghdad to Moorish Spain, the Ottoman Empire and 16th century South Asia. It could easily take days or weeks to study the collections and my few pictures are merely meant to whet your appetite to have a look for yourself.

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