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As part of my series on designers and their work spaces, I recently talked with Barbara Westbrook of Atlanta about her office, a charming cottage right in the center of Buckhead.

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Leslie Zemeckis, actor, filmmaker, author and burlesque authority, called Jessica LaGrange of Chicago out of the blue and asked her to come look at her apartment in a classic 1920s building on Lakeshore Drive. Leslie’s book, Behind the Burly Q, is about the history of burlesque in America, and she is familiar with the strippers, musicians and other members of the “burly circuit.” With this in mind, Jessica did not know quite what to expect.

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The word “backsplash” has become synonymous with renovating, remodeling or creating a new kitchen.  It is part of the essential elements of the design. In fact, it can become the defining moment for the ubiquitous white kitchen. However, I have been thinking that tiling the backsplash is not enough in a space that should be easily maintained with a quick wash down. The solution is to tile the entire kitchen.

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