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I agonize for weeks to find just the right gifts for family and friends, colleagues and business associates. The children in my family are easy, especially the girls (clothes for all), and I can usually find just the right accessory for adult family members by visiting one of my favorite antiques shops, George Champion Modern in Woodbury, CT or calling the extraordinary bookshop in LA, Lead Apron. But, hostess and good friend gifts give me the most angst. I try to be not too clever or deliver anything too ubiquitous. An ordinary bottle of wine won’t do nor will a box of chocolates, even if they are hand made. So I decided to to thoroughly explore the Waterworks assortment to find five thank you gifts to deliver to friends who have been by my side during this year that had a number of challenges. From a gay couple to an older single woman with funky taste to a very conservative couple, I have been able to find just the right degree of sentiment for each. I hope that my selection helps you in your search for the “perfect” gift.

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