I know about small kitchens.  While mine is not “apartment size” tiny, it is definitely on the small side especially compared to many of those pictured in the current shelter magazines. I have learned that just because a kitchen is small, it does not mean it is dysfunctional.  In fact, an organized and well-planned small kitchen can be very easy and efficient to work in.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are living with tight preparation and storage spaces. The first is plan ahead. Before you start dinner, or any meal for that matter, take all of the ingredients from the refrigerator and cabinets and lay them all out on the counter. This helps ease traffic and save steps. The next tip is to clean as you go or immediately after cooking. There is nothing like a mess in a small kitchen to make you think a tornado has hit and create anxiety about cooking for guests.

Editing your utensils and cookware works magic in a small space. I looked in my pots and pans cabinet the other day and realized I use about half of what I own on a regular basis.  Take out what you don’t need and banish it to the storage closet or basement. (This is the same philosophy I apply to the bath.)

Of course, no matter what the size of your kitchen, you want to make it beautiful. Great hardware is a must for adding interest and personality. Certainly, I love color in the kitchen especially for the back splash and accessories, but be sure to create a unifying color scheme or theme to make the space feel larger. Finally, make sure your kitchen is a comfortable gathering place; regardless of its size, the kitchen is and always will be the nerve center of your home.


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