Small is good,  especially when done well.  That means that every detail is carefully thought out and executed, the materials are strong, the design and architecture reflect the rest of the house and, of course, everything functions flawlessly.

The bath pictured in this post is really small. The linear gray and white stone floor adds the illusion of width where there is none, the brass accents with their reflective quality add the illusion of depth, the large tile in the shower adds a level of simplicity allowing the other material to be the stars. The wall-hung sink, normally seen on a base, is the cleanest possible installation.

Gray and white with brass accents feels current but not trendy. This is well done and carefully thought out to maximize a very small space.

This apartment appeared in the pages of Interior Design Magazine. It was designed by Messana O’Rorke and is the home of Hans Dorsinville.

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