I realize that is it not completely fair to judge a restaurant on the design and decoration of its’ bathroom.  However, I think there is some correlation between the the restroom, its cleanliness, the hand towels or dryers, the fragrance of the soap, the functionality of the fittings, the overall design and decoration of the space and the quality of the food and service. In other words, the lack of interest in the appearance of the WC indicates to me that there are other corners that might be cut in the kitchen.

Please note, this is my opinion only! As if to prove a point, I often visit the bathroom upon entering the restaurant and then calibrate the food, service and general ambience of the space accordingly. I have posted some restaurant baths that are quite good (and must add some of them we have found on the internet). I usually don’t take photos of the bad ones but I am sure that you have a few you would like to add to my growing number of ‘shame on you’ spaces.

I’d love to hear from you on this subject.  Perhaps it will inspire some offender to re-evaluate the look and feel of their bathrooms.

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