I am just back from Cuba and have not had time to process any of my photographs. Instead, I am sharing another great bath.

This beautiful space has been designed to feature the Empire tub as a piece of sculpture. It is placed  near a window to take advantage of the unobstructed view and glorious bright light from the California sun.  This is an inside/outside bath with nearby French doors inviting the outside in.

While the design looks simple enough, the use of materials and objects is highly sophisticated.  It starts with a limestone floor that establishes the palette of cream, light to dark, and white. The texture of the rug and art on the wall are complimentary while the drapery and shade add softness and warmth. On the practical side, an Egyptian inspired side chair grounds the space in a little whimsy and the tub table, useful for pretty objects or a champagne glass, is made of wood and bone.

The elegant layering from hard to soft, and the colors from cream to white along with pretty reflections and shadows make this a most desirable bath!

Design by Tim Clarke, Tim Clarke Design, tim@clarkedesign.com, Santa Monica, CA. This image along with others from the house appears in Summer issue of Milieu.




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