Little round mesh-mounted porcelain tiles–called Penny Tile–are both traditional and modern. They are a familiar form from ’30s-era baths, when little black daisy designs were installed in a bed of white. The look was seen in both residential and commercial installations, often partnered with 3 x 6 white subway tile.

Penny Tiles feel fresh for today; manufactured from porcelain clay and very durable, they’re especially current when installed in some of the great colors available–a blend of cool grays, a nautical aqua blue and deep rich navy. There is also a tiny 1/2-inch penny tile, whose minuscule scale feels very modern especially when installed in a sophisticated bronze.

After making a design choice, the key to a great installation with Penny Tile is the right grout color. The shift in the appearance from white installed with white grout to one with dark gray is dramatic. This is the reason to test the grout before the final installation, because it is practically impossible to change grout color later.

Familiar but fresh, modern and traditional, matte or glossy, bold color or subtle–Penny Tile is always in style.


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