This is a stellar example of a white on white bath. The most important features are the cadence of grids, the layering of materials, the graphic details, the layout and the choice of fixtures.

To make this easy, I will list the design details that have been so carefully planned and executed from the floor up: 1) a 3″ hexagon floor in Calacatta with white grout, 2) a strong baseboard 6 x 6, 3) a simple Shagreen dark liner above the baseboard for emphasis, 4) 6 x 6 Architectonics Creamware ceramic tile staggered with dark grout and very thin grout joints, 5) another Shagreen liner at 60″ to further define the space and emphasize the knee wall for the shower, 6) the Flemish bond grid of 3 x 6 and 3 x 3 above the 60″ line, 7) another Shagreen liner to define a crown, 8) 24″ x 36″ polished Calcatta marble installed in the large walk in shower. A double vanity with Henry lavatory fittings in unlaquered brass (note the shelf for storage) and an Empire tub with an exposed bath mixer with hand shower.

There is a lot of activity in this bath, all completely coordinated.  The mirrors are very simple with glass shelves under to keep the counters clear, a heated towel warmer and towel bars placed exactly where they are needed. Decorative sconces complete the space. Congratulations to John David Young, Director, Global Store Design and Visual Merchandising at Waterworks, for taking my favorite white on white theme and exploiting it to new levels of creativity.

This bath can be seen and experienced in the Waterworks showroom at  3314 M Street NW, Washington DC.

I have pictured one absolutely perfect white bath with scale, layers, cadence, good design and thoughtful planning. The many shades of white along with the activity of the stone give the space a vibrancy and fresh take a traditional materials.

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