It is so exciting to discover a shop that is both original and inspiring. MARCH located on Sacramento Street in San Francisco is just such a place. MARCH is the brain-child of Sam Hamilton, a graduate of the Ralph Lauren enterprise. It has been my must-see shop in SF for several years.  In its’ first incarnation, MARCH sold European antiques and contemporary furniture; but not just any furniture. There was always something special about the pieces whether it was the finish, the scale or or the uniqueness of the design.

However, I was completely surprised last year when I went to my favorite inspirational shop to find it had morphed into the most fabulous kitchen emporium I have ever seen. The vision is all Sam and exploits her discovery of three things;  inspiration from an internship at Chez Panisse,  purchase of an enormous display cabinet from a monastery in Ghent, Belgium and a love affair with the oil paintings of meat by Carrie Mae Smith. Sam has now focused her energy exclusively on kitchen/hearth/pantry/home and great food. Her formula is consistent; she looks for the very best antique and vintage pieces to reside alongside handsome contemporary objects.

I discovered irresistible items for the kitchen, pantry and table.  I had to leave much of what I found behind, but spices in cobalt blue jars and a container of kosher salt in an apothecary shaped jar are on their way to Connecticut. Sam, ever the curator, has included collections of pottery from Victoria Morris, lose fitting clothing  from Matt Dick, pots from Brooklyn Copper Cookware and bespoke butcher block tables are part of the MARCH assortment. In every corner there is another treasure;  beautifully crafted stools, charming linens, hand made glassware, hand crafted knives and a revolving exhibition of art. I am told the AGA cooker is hard at work on weekends and the aroma wafts through the store and out the door inviting one and all to come in and visit. You will be delighted and want to re-outfit your kitchen immediately !


3075 Sacramento Street
SanFrancisco, CA 94115

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