I think it’s official: gray is the color of the moment, especially in the bath and kitchen. As a lover of gray, I understand and support this trend. Gray is an effortless color for me; I wear it all the time and paint with it whenever possible. My favorite gray is a bit abstract; it is neither blue, white nor lavender but something in between that works well with white, black, an array of stones and rich wood tones.

In all its tonalities, gray is restful and sophisticated. It is a chameleon . . . composed, impartial and dependable. Some say that a gray neutral is a “safe” or non-offensive color and always in style.  I agree in that it does impart a calm and understated look. The subtlety can be very appealing, particularly as it appears in classic stones such as Carrara and Statuary. These stones are associated with antiquity and durability; they are solid, enduring and timeless.

There are so many wonderful words to describe gray: graphite, both strong and cool; battleship, solid and dense; putty, light, neutral and cool; boulder, intense; fog, ethereal; seal, lead, flannel and moleskin, all rich; and vapor, silver and dove, light and almost transparent. It is clear that gray is versatile, never boring (at least to me), architectural and a wonderful decorating partner. It can be a great background in a room with bright objects or the dignified star lending character to a room with few architectural details.

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