The recent renovation of our Washington, DC showroom has given us multiple opportunities to think about the bath in new and sometimes bold ways. From using patterned cement tiles on the walls to the installation of decorative water jet-cut mosaics and highly varied 2cm mosaics, we like to inspire our clients to use materials, fittings and fixtures for their own projects in new and different ways.

The installation shown here takes on a shine with a nickel-plated Henry vanity (in this case a double vanity) and nickel-plated medicine cabinets. Highly reflective mirrored doors on the vanity give a room added dimension, in a style that could be called “retro glam.”

On the walls, a sophisticated and somewhat formal graphic pattern of water jet mosaics, hand-assembled in subtle shades of white and pale gray, tones down the 1930s references. And the vanity’s white gray linear marble countertop, called Zephyr, is a sharp contrast to the intricacy of the wall design.

I particularly like the unexpected installation of a towel bar hung in the middle of the wall. This simple detail does at least two things: It breaks up the void between the two vanities, and it provides an opportunity to hang some decorative monogrammed linens (in color or not) or practical terry towels. A piece of art on the wall would look great, too.

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