He was an innovative choreographer/director and now uses his creative talents to push boundaries for sophisticated and refined interiors. The Jeff Andrews signature is innovative, bold and confident. Jeff has a natural talent for taking the varied requests, occasionally outrageous, random and contrasting, from high profile clients and infusing them with warmth, sophistication, comfort and, most importantly, a sense of home. His style is plush and contemporary balanced equally with modern and vintage pieces. His palettes are monochromatic and soothing to counterbalance the often hectic lifestyles of his overly scheduled clients. The result is a pleasing blend of textures and materials that are perfectly suited to the clients’ personality, lifestyle and needs.

The bath that Jeff created for Kris Jenner is in the style of an old Hollywood boudoir. It is glamorous and sophisticated and suits her “camera ready” lifestyle. It has a makeup area with custom strip lights and commercial (but attractive) salon chairs to rival the best dressing room. The custom designed black and white floor anchors the room and is softened by the warm color on the walls. The black and white photographs and upholstery ground the room in its’ stark palette but the mirrored front cabinetry adds just the right amount of shimmer. This room has decidedly 1930’s glamour and 21st century comfort. A perfect interpretation of a bold design concept infused with functionality and comfort.

I asked Jeff why the black and white scheme. He said that black and white is a theme throughout the rest of the house and was easily continued to this private space where Kris can live her life while putting on her public persona.



Jeff Andrews – Design

100 N. Gardner St. | Los Angeles, CA 90036
info@jeffandrews-design.com | 323-965-9777

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