On October 16th, Waterworks launched a robust collection of hardware. It includes transitional and modern pulls, knobs and hinges in a range of finishes. In the early stages of R & D, I went into my vast photo archive to review some of the hundreds of pictures I have taken on my travels, in shops and salvage yards to find just the right inspiration for designs. Even as recently as this past August in Paris, I was taking pictures of elaborate 19th century hardware in the Elysee Palace, Hotel Beauharnais, the French Senate, and on the streets.

Cabinet hardware is often overlooked as a design opportunity; it can become a place to cut costs.  I highly recommend that this is a place to make thoughtful choices for what could have a major impact on your space. The right choice of hardware can turn an ordinary piece of furniture or bank of kitchen cabinets into a spectacular focal point. The finish, the shape, the cadence and the energy that comes from the right piece of hardware is magical.

Knobs and pulls have been used on all shapes and sizes of doors for centuries; they were first crafted from hides or textiles and later manufactured from brass, wood, ceramic, plastic, stainless and other metals. While I don’t have the statistics to back this up, I am sure the most popular piece of hardware is the round knob. As you can imagine, this is not the direction of the Waterworks hardware collection. Instead, think interesting back plates, over scale and under scale designs, beautifully articulated detail, equestrian inspired straps, steamer trunk hardware, drop rings, wing nuts, octagons, ovals and rectangles in nickel, brass, matte nickel and architectural bronze. I believe our new collection demonstrates that there are countless opportunities to make major improvements to a space with the simple addition of the right piece of hardware.

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