I am delighted to welcome GRANT GIBSON as my guest blogger this week. After a stint in New York gaining professional design experience, he set up his own business in San Francisco in 2002. Grant has participated in the San Francisco Design Showhouse and was named one of the “10 Designers to Watch ” by Domino Magazine in 2009. Grant travels, writes and photographs for his own blog.


For this San Francisco home, I sourced inspiration from the natural color palette of the foggy San Francisco sky. By enhancing the use of grays, blues, and whites, I was able to echo the colors of the bay while still staying true to the clean, linear character of a mid-century home. This kitchen is afforded a sweeping view of the San Francisco bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. The consistencies in the kitchen color palette and the San Francisco sky allow for the view to be the standout attraction.

The back splash in this kitchen is Waterworks Architectonics Field Tile in “Ice Water Glossy Crackle.” The pale blues in the tile provide a subtle hint of color in the almost all-white kitchen. Both the clients and I fell in love with the color variation in these handmade tiles. The color is translated to the kitchen chairs, which share the cool blue of the back splash tiles.

This home, located in the charming Cole Valley neighborhood, belongs to a family with two young children. When sourcing the kitchen materials, the client wanted a balance of decadence and affordability, beauty with practicality. A splurge of Calacatta marble countertops is offset by hardware from Ikea. The rustic-meets-industrial leather stools and the mocha hardwood floors provide a warm, welcome contrast to the cool color palette in the remainder of the kitchen. The desk area and breakfast nook provide an elevated level of functionality to the kitchen.


Grant Gibson

San Francisco – New York

3792 Sacramento Street
San Francisco CA 94118



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