In my opinion, one can never sing enough praises to white. It is such an easy color with so many layers of subtlety. It can make an interior feel stark and minimal or give the space a plain wrap. Its sense of cleanliness and clarity is one of its best features. Second to white is gray.  Recently, I wrote about my love of gray not only for paint and upholstery but for my wardrobe as well.

Now it is time to look at my favorite color #3: Navy. I often prefer navy to black when selecting a sweater or dress.  I think it is softer, a little out of the mainstream yet still classic. I thought that perhaps I would like navy accents in interiors as much as I like navy in fashion. And, based on the images in this post, I certainly do.

Blue, in its light and mid tones, is thought of as a reliable color; it inspires confidence. It is restful and soothing.  When you move blue to its darkest side, it invests the color with power (think police and pilot uniforms). Navy is on the friendly side of black and very approachable. It will be the dominant color in the palette, but flexible; it plays well with earthy muted tones as well as high-energy colors such as chili pepper red and provocative citrus greens.

Navy might be a refreshing change for all rooms in the house, but especially as an accent in the bath or kitchen.

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