I love cement tile. An early version of it is documented in the dwellings and public buildings of Pompeii and Herculaneum; archeologists found small chards of glass or stone embedded in cement-like floors. During the Renaissance, cement floors were meant to be an intricate works of art. Interest in the material all but disappeared for centuries.  But during the late 19th century, it was rediscovered and used during the French Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau periods. It was often found in restaurants and vestibules valued for its durability and decoration. The manufacturing revival of the cement manifested itself in the form of tiles; they were easy to manufacture, install and readily available.

Cement tile is like a chameleon. It is new and old, bright or subtle, patterned or plain and highly resilient material. It is eco friendly, and timeless. The Waterworks Promenade cement assortment is an elegant and sophisticated marriage of hand-craft and technology; only skilled artisans understand the intricacies of pouring and pressing wet material in to molds, applying 3 cm of pigment and extracting the completed tile from the molds it at exactly the right moment. Promenade is hand pressed, submerged in water and air dried for three weeks. The tiles are then sealed by hand as a first step in protecting them from dirt and spills.

Like stone or handmade ceramic tile, subtle variations are expected in cement tiles; no two pieces are exactly alike. That is its’ great secret. Waterworks Promenade cement tile is fun, too; interesting patterns, surprising color combinations, a great range of solid colors and versatility.


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