I have written about black and white bathrooms before. But as I continue to see more well designed baths using this restrained formula, I decided to revisit the topic. A black and white color scheme has the potential of creating a minimalist or stark interior. A myopic view could see this scheme to as too contemporary or limiting.  I like to think of black and white as refined and restrained, orderly and liberating. The decisions made when creating a black and white bath are very deliberate.  The varying shades of both colors help create a timeless space but too much of either color will create an unbalanced room. This clean aesthetic demands the uncluttering of counters and a general tidy approach (although I believe that all baths should be neat for the best functionality).

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It is no mystery where I am headed! These images give it away. A week of hiking, visiting, photographing and eating multiple fresh lobsters in and around Acadia National Park is always a fabulous vacation. I’ll be back after Labor Day.  Enjoy the holiday.


Bathrooms are often fraught with design challenges. The space can be small and have very specific specific requirements including the grand visions of the client. I am always looking for great solutions to what seem like insurmountable challenges. Gil Schafer has two great examples in his book, The Great American House, where a window is in exactly the wrong place for the flow of the space.

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He was an innovative choreographer/director and now uses his creative talents to push boundaries for sophisticated and refined interiors. The Jeff Andrews signature is innovative, bold and confident. Jeff has a natural talent for taking the varied requests, occasionally outrageous, random and contrasting, from high profile clients and infusing them with warmth, sophistication, comfort and, most importantly, a sense of home. His style is plush and contemporary balanced equally with modern and vintage pieces. His palettes are monochromatic and soothing to counterbalance the often hectic lifestyles of his overly scheduled clients. The result is a pleasing blend of textures and materials that are perfectly suited to the clients’ personality, lifestyle and needs.

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