Last Tuesday I had the wonderful experience of visiting Barry Dixon at his fabulous house, Elway Hall, built in 1907. It was a glorious sunny day, the air was clear, the views spectacular and the house a treasure tucked away in the Virginia hills. Barry and Michael are such gracious hosts.  We brought a not very exciting lunch, which they turned into a divine feast by serving it on beautiful brown Staffordshire platters and dishes, using linen napkins and antique silver.

First we presented Henry, Grove Bricks and our new lights to his staff in the reception room and then settled in his Farrow and Ball “Dayroom Yellow” music room for lunch and conversation. The chairs and sofas were newly and proudly upholstered in his recently released fabric collection for Vervain. The linens are textured and beautiful to touch and I fell in love with “Ishtar” his decorative  Moroccan inspired pillows in yellow and gray with tastefully embroidered dots.

Of course, I was most anxious to photograph his perfectly restored vintage baths. These are really rooms, as you will see in the photos, with impeccably chosen objects (as you might expect from Barry), small scale furniture, luxurious towels in rich colors and fresh flowers.  The fittings and fixtures are original to the house and in mint condition.

I love all of the 3 x 6 creamy white tile and the delicate borders that blend quietly into the installation.  The only trim is bullnose. The white tile floors with minuscule grout joints look as pristine today as the day they were installed. What a treat!  Many thanks to Barry and Michael for their warm welcome and sharing their home with us.

Be sure to check out Barry Dixon’s new book coming out in November.  I know I can’t wait!

To view more of Barry Dixon’s work, visit Barry Dixon Inc.

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