In much the same way that the bath needs a once-a-year overhaul, the kitchen is usually in need of a similar tune up. As the seasons change, I feel like it’s the right time to suggest a few simple fixes with big impact in both design and function.

Recently, I decided to look at all of the pots in my pot cabinet. I realized that there were a number that I had not used in several years and the likelihood that I would recreate the dishes they were purchased for is probably zero. Once I started having that conversation with myself, I realized that an organized and simplified closet was much easier to navigate and I would probably never miss the pots that I was giving away. I was off to a good start — clear the clutter.

Next? Clear the counters! I like to put every thing away. But I realized the kitchen would feel more connected to the rest of the house if I displayed a few favorite items. I selected a trio of vintage clear glass containers and filled one with flour, the next with sugar and the last with pasta. The best part of putting out only a select few well-curated things at a time is that they can easily be changed and make the space feel fresh again.

These small changes were enough to give my kitchen renewed energy, but you may be looking for more of an overhaul. I love my white ceramic tile backsplash and don’t expect to change it, but the installation of a new one instantly updates the kitchen. It personalizes the space, adds a high design quotient and is a focal point in a kitchen’s design. A hardware update is also a great investment. It’s a simple formula: Up the scale, change the finish and see the difference.

Finally, buy one new thing that inspires you. Keep it in sight, use it often and tell your friends about your kitchen-cleaning adventure. Sharing your investment of time makes the beautiful results feel even more worthwhile.


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