It is not often that one receives a gift that you want to share will all your co-workers and friends. This past Christmas I received just such a present, and simply must tell everyone about it. The amazing Ken Fulk and his Magic Factory created the ultimate travel companion: a gorgeous tote with all the components needed for a restful flight.

Naturally, the tote is printed with an extraordinary graphic with Fulk’s name (Hermès, please take note). Inside? A charming plaid blanket (the ever-necessary but attractive throw if you plan to be comfortable), the all-important mints and a very stylish eye mask.

It helps that Ken provides directions for traveling in style, and cheeky survival tips. My favorite one is to create a fort with the blanket so no one will know you are on board an airplane. What a delightful surprise–and practical, too. I look forward to logging many miles with my tote. Thank you, Ken!


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