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As part of my series on designers and their work spaces, I recently talked with Barbara Westbrook of Atlanta about her office, a charming cottage right in the center of Buckhead.

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In 2012 Miles Redd created THE BIG BOOK OF CHIC, published by Assouline. His sophisticated and unique style is both playful and glamorous; it mixes high and low, a strong sense of color  and modern gestures. The entire text, quotes from famous artists, actors and authors, is printed in red and black large scale font. Graphically, it is an engaging format and the full page photographs in both color and black and white give the reader an insight into Miles’ very personal blend of work and fantasy.

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Lee Mindel, founder of the architecture and design firm, Shelton Mindel, has been our friend and collaborator for the past 12 or so years. Lee and his late partner, Peter Shelton, have been our partners in the design of .25, Opus and most recently, the Formwork collections of fittings. Lee is an avid modernist and minimalist whose knowledge of mid-century design is encyclopedic. He loves texture, color, and great art. He also knows how to create a beautiful bath in a very small space by combining modern and transitional elements, layering materials and adding his special brand of functionality.

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I do not travel well to New Jersey (I always get lost).  So when I was invited to visit the office of Michael Aiduss in Montclair, I was reluctant to take the trip. However, once there I discovered an extraordinary office with a charismatic leader and a dedicated and talented staff. A summary of my recent conversation with Michael follows.

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