The Empire tub is a Waterworks icon.  It has been used in modern and traditional spaces and becomes a chameleon depending on the design of the interior. Its shape and scale were inspired by 19th century French and English fire clay tubs.

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Miami is a town always ready for a good party.  And, we certainly gave them one to remember.  On Tuesday night many of our friends and clients joined us to celebrate the opening of our new Miami store at 167 NE 39th Street.  The food was memorable as were the drinks.

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Among the many discouraging aspects of the transition from summer to fall, dismantling my outdoor shower has the greatest impact on my daily routine.  Starting in early April, I study the forecast for low temperatures each night.  As soon as I am convinced the lows will no longer drop below freezing, I turn on the water, screw in the shower head, and re-install the valve. After re-assembling a fresh assortment of shampoo, soap, razor, shaving cream, and mirror, I proceed to take every single shower outdoors, until about now when I once again start to worry about cold nights freezing the exposed pipes of my special place.  Rain or shine, hot or cold, once I am in the water, the weather has no bearing on the experience.


It’s always so much fun to open a new store.  It is an opportunity to challenge ourselves on space planning and product partners, share our newest thinking on design with our clients and to highlight our product assortment in more effective ways.