There is not a lot of inspired shopping anywhere, especially when it comes to the big global brands.  Clearly, that is a bold statement, (and my opinion); generally there is repetitive design, poor lighting and uninspired merchandise. I experienced a paradigm shift last week when I visited the newly opened Loewe shop in the Miami Design District.

The creative director of this Spanish leather brand, Jonathan Anderson, decided not to follow convention and recreate another Art Deco or over the top environment.  Instead, he imported a bit of cultural history in to a simple white box and installed it in the store. You will see a breathtaking 18th century granary, known in Spanish as a horreo. This 36′ long stone structure, actually a skeleton, was found on a farm in northern Spain and transported to Miami with the help of the company that transports objects for the British Museum. The horreo was essentially borrowed and will be returned to the property where it was found at the end of 10 years.

The structure is simply breathtaking!.  The large granite pillars and lintels act as display space for rotating exhibitions. I was fortunate to see the curated exhibit of leather bowls, called THE BOWLS PROJECT,  inspired by the extraordinry 20th century ceramicist, Lucie Rie. This exhibit along with others in the future are created to reinterpret Loewe’s leather making capabilities by “transferring skills from other disciplines and applying them to leather”.

For the BOWLS PROJECT, 3 sets of 50 unique bowls in various sizes and shapes were designed to blur the boundary between sculpture and design. The colors are adapted from the Lucie Rie palette including the uranium yellow (my favorite). This project demonstrates how leather can perform as a rigid material applicable in a broad range of products. The bowls are modern yet created through the filter of a important period of British ceramics. This is truly modern artistry  at its finest.


Miami Design District

110 NE 39th Street

Miami, Florida 33137



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