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We are continually inspired by texture and the way something feels — rough, smooth, three-dimensional. It’s an important visual design element we look for in objects, fabrics, architecture and paintings.

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There are many elements that give a bath a ‘rustic’ composition. The first one that comes to mind is the use of Unlacquered Brassfittings with the worn and alluring appeal of a finish that shows its age gracefully. The warmth of yellow brass that is tinged with hints of green or brown delivers a soft and friendly patina.

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For years I have been extolling the beauty of stone for the bath. It is a natural material that comes in a huge range of sizes and colors with multiple opportunities for different surface textures. It is durable, timeless, refined and only improves with age. Clearly, I love stone. Not only is it the perfect material for the bath, but it is perfect for the entry or foyer of the house.

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I do not travel well to New Jersey (I always get lost).  So when I was invited to visit the office of Michael Aiduss in Montclair, I was reluctant to take the trip. However, once there I discovered an extraordinary office with a charismatic leader and a dedicated and talented staff. A summary of my recent conversation with Michael follows.

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