In mid-March I was in London visiting our showroom, our Waterworks team and clients (and also hoping for warmer weather that simply did not happen). However, the sun did eventually shine and I was out and about looking for inspiration. It’s interesting to note what catches your eye in the moment, and how that changes once you’ve returned home. When I reviewed my photos, it is clear that I was attracted to color in London — in the shops, in the Hayward Gallery and on the street. Bright and happy reds, pinks, greens and blues seem to dominate the spring palette, from the skirts and vests on display at local shops to the flora and fauna on the street.

Beyond the colors of the season, there was no shortage of inspiring sights. Guinevere, across the street from our London showroom, is a perennial favorite for inspiration. There is so much to see, from fabrics to furniture and amazing objects. A visit there is a little like going to a romantic attic where everything has been carefully preserved — a “not to be missed” excursion in London.¬†Another favorite for me is EGG on Kinnerton very near the Berkley Hotel. The clothes are voluminous but beautifully crafted, and the displays are even better.

As I like to do each visit, exploring new destinations beyond our showroom on King’s Road always yields so many good ideas to be stored for future reference. This time around, I went window shopping on Lamb’s Conduit Street — always a fun adventure. While it can be inconvenient to get there, it is worth the trip especially if you are a book lover. Take my word: A visit to Persephone Books will never disappoint! Pentreath & Hall is also in the neighborhood, as well as emerging menswear designers. Best of all was a wonderful cheese restaurant-bar restaurant. Wonderful fresh food and irresistible cheese for the perfect lunch break.




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