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I know that many of you saw this bath featured in World of Interiors. I would be remiss if I did not comment on this completely original Art Deco design: it is perfection.  The New York City apartment, a penthouse with 30 rooms on Gracie Square with views in several directions, was owned by Conde Nast. The design elements of the bath and the entire apartment fall well within the decorative arts framework made popular in the 1920s and 1930s in France. The influences were informed by contemporary design themes from LeCorbusier and Walter Gropius, historical excesses and exuberant wrought iron floral designs of Edgar Brandt, organic forms from Hector Guimard and crisp angularities from Charles Rennie Mackintosh are evident in the etched glass.

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There is not a lot of inspired shopping anywhere, especially when it comes to the big global brands.  Clearly, that is a bold statement, (and my opinion); generally there is repetitive design, poor lighting and uninspired merchandise. I experienced a paradigm shift last week when I visited the newly opened Loewe shop in the Miami Design District.

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DAVID DESMOND (see email and web addresses below) is a friend and LA designer of grand formal houses and smaller more eclectic spaces. He chose a unique inspiration for the following blog post. Thank you David for this week’s entry of THE PERFECT BATH:

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