The new or renovated all-white kitchen has become ubiquitous! I was recently on the jury for New York Cottages and Gardens design awards. It was difficult to find the definitive winner in the kitchen category. They were all well designed, functional and attractive. But, it was hard to distinguish one from the other with their Carrara marble counters and matching backsplashes. With that in mind, I went looking for examples of kitchens where dark cabinetry, tiles, counters, walls or floors added a bit of drama.

Certain dark colors can be just as neutral–and ageless–as white and add depth and interest to the space. The decision to get out of the white box, however, is not a casual or speculative one. Color is a semi-permanent investment that should be aided by knowledge of color and how it will affect other choices your make for the house. Good intuition, good planning and understanding the nuances of color are key to choosing colors that will appeal to you and fit with your home for years to come. My own kitchen is painted Farrow & Ball Mouse’s Back on the bottom and Stoney Ground on the top. This is complemented by Danby marble counters and a creamy white tile backsplash. It is a great fit for the traditional design and architecture of the house.

Exposing yourself to more color options before settling for “common ground” may result in a bold statement for your personal environment that is fresh and invigorating.




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