Believe it or not, I have never had a new kitchen. But now that my fabulous Waterworks kitchen is installed and functional in my new home, it is time to acquire an updated attitude toward accessories. I certainly will not abandon the things I have loved over the years, but a new approach is always called for when you settle into a new space.

Fortunately, I do not have any preconceived ideas so I am open to  designs, colors, shapes, materials, scale and function I may not have previously considered. Of course, my  shopping starts at Waterworks. Containers are always the most useful accessory, so I gravitated to three clay ones glazed in white in graduated sizes. I love their scale; instead of lining them up against the backsplash I’m letting them free float on the counter.

Next on my list were wood cutting boards. There are so many great shapes and types of wood. They are useful and look great leaning against the backsplash or piled on the counter.

I looked long and hard at clear glass containers for flour and sugar, etc., but alas, my counter did not need transparent materials. I love them nonetheless, and recommend them often.

Over time, I have collected many containers I love. I now have my utensils collected in a 1740 Delft jar. I must admit, I am careful about taking things in and out of it, but having an old favorite in my sight is a pleasure.

I keep several of my favorite cookbooks nearby and have decided to rest a favorite photograph near them. The best part of kitchen accessories is that they can be a change agent. Move things around, add a new color, shape or scale and you have a fresh perspective.

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