If I were to identify a new trend, I would say that we are in a wallpaper moment. In shelter magazines and showrooms, textures and patterns for walls are everywhere. The only problem with all of these fresh choices is that there are so many wonderful new options, it is difficult to make a decision! Recently, I decided I wanted to wallpaper my laundry room and spent too much time taping potential choices to the walls; I considered everything from linen and grasscloth to stripes and subtle patterns. Unfortunately, I have yet to make a final decision.

I love the idea of bold patterns in small powder rooms. It is a great little space in your home to surprise visitors, and the perfect place to stretch your design muscles outside of your comfort zone. All-over large-scale patterns, even in bright colors, do not seem overwhelming when used with conviction. In addition, wallpaper in a guest bath works well because it is a room where one spends very little time. For a truly cohesive look, the scale of the floor material and choice of fixtures should feel consistent with the design and personality of the chosen paper.

The best part? Wallpaper, unlike ceramic tile or stone, can easily be changed. If you decide it no longer suits your style, simply take it down and paint. Go bold and have fun!

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