I am very pleased to announce the launch of Waterworks Kitchen. After two years of design development, countless prototypes and revisions, and hundreds of new products, we are finally poised to share all of this with our clients and friends. The first big step is the opening of our kitchen showroom at the D & D Building on 59th Street, New York. There you will experience our transitional and modern cabinet designs, all built by hand in the US. You will love our take on color in the kitchen (there are no white cabinets), our fabulous hardware (the jewels of the kitchen), backsplashes galore, great stone counter tops, stunning work tables and islands, beautiful pot racks, unique fittings (prepare to be surprised), kitchen sinks (the hardest working kitchen appliance), innovative lighting concepts and a wonderful assortment of handmade and artisanal accessories. Waterworks Kitchen is truly a complete design experience.

We are excited to be expanding into the community spaces–kitchen, bar and laundry–of the house in such a big way. Waterworks Kitchen is all about designing the places where family and friends gather to chat, cook, dine, do homework and even party.  It’s been a great adventure to extend our 30+ years of design thinking beyond the bath, with its sense of privacy, quiet and sanctuary, to this new realm. I am proud to say that Waterworks Kitchen provides all of the essential ingredients for envisioning and creating the heart of the home.

Please come and see for yourself and follow us on www.Waterworks.com, Facebook and Twitter.

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