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I am delighted to welcome GRANT GIBSON as my guest blogger this week. After a stint in New York gaining professional design experience, he set up his own business in San Francisco in 2002. Grant has participated in the San Francisco Design Showhouse and was named one of the “10 Designers to Watch ” by Domino Magazine in 2009. Grant travels, writes and photographs for his own blog.

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I simply love stone. From counters in the kitchen to fireplaces in the living room, stone is the perfect material for nearly every room of the house. Its beauty lies in its variation and imperfections, its organic range of shades and tones and its environmental qualities. It is available in countless modules from 1″squares to large 4′ x 7′ slabs. It can have straight or ‘antiqued’ chiseled edges and textured surfaces. It is durable, versatile and easy to maintain. Like a chameleon it can blend in with its surroundings; it can be sleek and modern or rustic and traditional. And, while this post extols its praises for all manner of residential installations, you will find stone in airports, hotels and commercial spaces.

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The word “backsplash” has become synonymous with renovating, remodeling or creating a new kitchen.  It is part of the essential elements of the design. In fact, it can become the defining moment for the ubiquitous white kitchen. However, I have been thinking that tiling the backsplash is not enough in a space that should be easily maintained with a quick wash down. The solution is to tile the entire kitchen.

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The word “backsplash” is almost always associated with kitchens. I like to think of them not only for kitchens but for pantries, bars, laundry rooms, garden rooms, and bathrooms behind sinks and bathtubs.

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