It is spring, at last. The season always inspires me to check my medicine cabinet and towel storage for all the detritus that has accumulated since my last overhaul.

The rule of thumb is that makeup, sunscreen and medications have expiration dates.  Check these first, and if I there are no dates, I suggest  just tossing them out unsentimentally. Then organize the remaining items in clear plastic bins that are available at Bed, Bath & Beyond or The Container Store. Thoroughly clean the inside of the cabinet itself and reposition all that is left so that each item is clearly visible. You will then have room for replacements and additions throughout the year.

The same process is helpful for your towel storage area. It is very satisfying to take out all of the towels to check for faded and tattered ones, and set them aside for the beach or pool. Next refold the nice, fluffy ones and put them back in neat stacks. Inevitably some of the best ones end up on the bottom of the pile, so this exercise is like finding new towels.

It is both a decorative and organizational technique to take your favorite things and gather them on the counter or in open shelves.  I love small trays of wood, resin or silver with vintage containers or makeup (especially if the container looks good) and a small vase with flowers. A bath should always be neat to create a sense of calm and relaxation. Here are few images to inspire you to cheerfully take on this chore over the weekend.

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