Recently, I went to a wonderful 1920’s Tudor style house situated on a golf course in Westchester County, NY. The rooms had gracious proportions, the interior details original and the condition perfect.  That is, except for the bathrooms. They too were original and untouched but certainly not attractive. It was hard to imagine a time when a lilac colored floor and mint green walls would have been considered pretty.  Or, bubble gum pink fixtures appropriate for the master suite  bath.  The tiles, no matter what the color, were 4 x 4 with huge grout joints. The most redeeming feature of the 4 baths was the use of technical tile trim pieces installed to go in, out and around corners, finish walls, and frame inserts.

I think back to 1978 when we founded Waterworks and nearly all of the bathrooms that were being renovated looked just like the ones in this post, including the one I grew up in and shared with my brother. Ubiquitous pink and blue tile, a blue tub, sink on metal legs and WC. We showered in the cast iron skirted tub and hung towels on the bars attached to the metal legs that supported the sink. Functional but not pretty. There were no other options.

In the early days of Waterworks, most renovations did not expand the size of the bathroom. Our clients were so excited to find that white was our color of choice.  The Edwardian style we sold not only identified our brand, but resonated with the design style of our clients. They were okay maintaining the existing space but craved a more attractive and updated bath.

Thirty five years later, much has changed and I am proud to say that Waterworks has been a leader in the revolution.  This post is about what most baths looked like that needed renovation in our early days. Waterworks ultimately invented the “new” bath style and evolved the space from one of hygiene and privacy to one of comfort, relaxation and timeless style.


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