It is so much fun to talk about products and materials for a new bath. There are so many great options. But long before you set foot out of the door to go shopping, you have to make deliberate decisions about design and planning.

The first question you should ask yourself is whether you have the skills, patience, and time to manage your bath project or if
 hiring a professional designer or architect will play a significant role in the successful outcome of your project.

Here is my rational: 1) the professional can be out in front of the specification process, 2) will make sure your choices meet local codes thereby avoiding costly (and annoying delays) and 3) help solve unpredictable and unexpected problems that occur on every job. She will be objective and realistic in helping you translate your vision so you can enjoy the creative process. And, she will have a relationship with the contractor who will understand the urgency of particular phases of the project.

With the professional at your side, the usual traps can be avoided, the budget can be maintained and expectations can be clearly stated at every step of construction. And, additionally, a professional has the skills to provide  design continuity with the rest of your house especially if you plan to have a phased renovation.

The on going search for the “perfect ” bath can be elusive.

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