Occasionally, one inspiring photo can bring about a wealth of new ideas. This presumably small bath originally pictured in Architectural Digest offers many opportunities to discuss small bath options.

While I am not sure of the exact length of this bath, it appears to be only about 6 feet wide. By all accounts that makes for a very narrow space. However, placing a beautiful tub in front of a floor-to-ceiling window takes full advantage of the natural light. By symmetrically installing it at the end of the room, the tub becomes a striking focal point.

The simple, elegant and timeless black-and-white color palette keeps the space contained. The subtle white-on-white patterned marble floor adds a layer of texture, and white wainscot, white crown molding and white walls are a conscious monochromatic solution for not breaking up the space.

Of course, it is not ideal to have the WC next to the tub, but some accommodations must be made when space is tight. In this case, it is partially hidden next to the washstand and does not derail the design. As to not overpower the room, the scale of a double washstand is minimized by the use of a black top.

To complete this small but indulgent retreat, a few well-chosen accessories and art add to the overall sophistication. A small but highly successful bath that may help you look at your space in new ways.

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