It is no secret that I love tile. I am very familiar with white or red clay body tile, and as in the case of Grove Brickworks, brown clay.  However, our new collection of tile, Magma, is created from the materials spilled from an erupting volcano. As its name suggests, Magma has a unique texture and chemistry; the body composition is a charcoal gray fine-grained lava mixed with other minerals.

This mixture creates a tile that is very durable, with the properties of natural stone. The glazes have a unique reaction with the material because of its density and high firing temperature that create unusual color variation with elegant blends of different shades.

The mix of colors feels essentially modern–mid-century, at that. From a warm white blend called Stargazer to a charcoal/black blend called Nightwatch, the line is chic, organic and timeless. Size is a key element when considering Magma. Smaller sizes create a more harmonious blend. Also, with smaller sizes it is easier to design patterns from herringbone to stacked and staggered.

Magma is a great partner to our many other materials; Promenade cement, natural stone, Architectonics (both handmade and dust pressed) and Penny tile. Like any truly unique selection, it elegantly changes the mood of a space.

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