This will probably be the final post on my trip to Israel.

Our visit to the ancient archeological site of Caesarea, a planned city with a network of crisscrossing roads, a temple, theatre, amphitheater, markets and residences, is definitely worth sharing. History tells us it took 12 years to build. Upon its completion in 10/9 BCE great festivities were held. It rapidly became a major commercial center and prospering city with a dependable water source; by the year 6 BCE, it was the headquarters of the Roman government in Palestine.

It is said that population included Jews and gentiles, but there were conflicts between them. There was a Great Revolt in 66 BCE. Caesarea served as a base for Roman legions who quelled the revolt and it was here that the commanding general, Vespasian, was declared Caesar.  (A very brief summary of a complicated event).

During the Byzantine period the city flourished and extended to over 400 acres. Toward the end of the 6th Century a perimeter wall was built, making Caesarea the largest fortified city in the country. Following the Arab conquest in 640 CE, Caesarea lost its political and economic significance.  Most of the citizens left the city and it became a forsaken village.

In the 9th century, sea trade developed and coastal cities were in recovery mode. Caesarea was refortified. But, it was conquered again in 1265 by the Mamelukes, then destroyed and deserted. It was not until 1873 that a scientific exploration of the city was begun. Working from 1959-1964 an Italian group discovered the theatre and part of the city’s fortifications. Digs continue today with new finds daily. It is a stunning site on the Mediterranean. I, of course, couldn’t wait to find the mosaics that I knew had to be there.  I was not disappointed. With a rich history behind them, they are truly inspirational today!


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