A mirror in the bath is an essential element. It is a necessary grooming tool. The mirror also reflects light and seems to enlarge a space.

The most significant attribute of a mirror is its clarity. A good sized flawless mirror for shaving or applying makeup is a hard working tool. However, it is the decorative mirrors that I love and that give a bath character and can reflect your personal style and taste.

There are many types of mirrors. There are medicine cabinets with a mirror front. They are a practical solution for storage but can be very attractive with a modern chrome or nickel frame. You can source traditional cabinets with painted wood frames and large crown molding.  I always think medicine cabinets look best when the glass has a slight bevel. I recommend selecting the largest possible cabinet.

However, the most unusual mirrors can be found in antiques shops. While it is possible to retro fit them for storage, they look best when flat against the wall. Frame shops are another good resource for beautiful mirrors.The photos that accompany this post show some of the really unusual finds. They can be glamorous or understated, funky or flawlessly classic.  They can be simple with lovely aged wood frames or have bold and grand scale.

Magnifying mirrors are also essential for those of us with failing eyesight. The general look is purely functional but it is what they do that is important.  I have a friend who has installed his outside of the shower door so that he can shave while in the shower. Mine is right by my sink with light from the ceiling and one integral to the mirror to make it possible for me to successfully apply makeup. A five time high quality glass is the best for clarity and magnification. Test the mirror in the shop before installing it, especially if it has an integrated light.

Details are at the heart of every decorating scheme. Selecting the right mirror is about scale, proportion and texture. The right mirror can add a bit of surprise or charm or an unexpected breath of fresh air. It can keep an otherwise traditional space from looking too safe. It is important to note the background upon which the mirror will sit.  A striped or floral wallpaper will require something different from a wall painted a bold color. The right mirror will give the bath its finishing touch. It will indicate the taste and personality of the people who use the space.

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